Plasma 'Lift' Fibroblast

Plasma Lift Fibroblast is a recent technology that is designed to tighten the skin and trigger collagen production.  Plasma Lift Fibroblast requires zero surgery, is non-invasive, and is designed to lift the skin, shrink excess skin, decrease crow’s feet, wrinkles, and eye bags. It is radial in wrinkle smoothing and eyelid tightening and reduces hooded eyelids. Plasma Lift Fibroblast is also used for scar correction, acne treatment, tattoo removal, and stretch marks.

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The treatments are high revolutionary and include tiny plasma flashes or electrical arcs discharged from the tip of a handpiece. The device never touches your skin, but a plasma flash creates a tiny dot on skin contact. This innovative technology utilizes a sublimation process or turns solids directly to gas that tightens skin tissues. No damage is caused to the surrounding area or deep skin layers. The treatment tie is about 60 minutes, but there is minimal pain.

There is no pain, but topical cream Is applied to ensure treatment is comfortable. You will notice effects right away, and full results become visible after about 2-4 weeks. You can resume regular activities immediately with minimal discomfort.

After your treatment, do not scratch or remove the carbon rusts. Protect your skin from direct sun with SPF 50 sunscreen. It is advised that you do not swim or use a sauna until the crusts fall off. Crusts will fall off within seven days of the treatments.

Plasma Lift Fibroblast is very safe, and there are few side effects. There can be a temporary change in skin pigmentation, but it will dissipate. Carbon crusts or the tiny superficial dots that form on your skin are part of normal healing and cause no threat to scar or skin irritations. You may experience mild swelling during the first three days, but the swelling is gone within five days.

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