Glass Skin Botox

Glass Skin Botox uses the same neurotoxin protein or Botulinum toxin to give you instant glass-like skin. It is not a multistep routine or even a magical serum but the same Botox procedures you already know. It was developed in Korea and is Botox used in different areas of your face.

Botox has successfully been used for wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and on the forehead. Now it is injected into the outer layers of the skin and lifts the skin. Botox traditionally prevented wrinkles and deep creases by weakening muscles in your forehead, laugh lines, or crow’s feet. This treatment targets the pores to create an all-over smoothing effect.

Glass Skin Botox Las Vegas, NV | Indulge Aesthetics Medical Spa
Glass Skin Botox Las Vegas, NV - We offer this medication which is injected into the muscle to reduce wrinkles caused by muscle movement.

The procedure includes inserting a Botox needle about 40 to 50 times along your jawline, forehead, and under your eyes. Most Botox injections are only three to five times, but Glass Skin Botox is designed to go into the skin and not the muscle.

The greatest benefit is injections tighten the pores to reduce their appearance and help skin look more glowing or brighter. Creases and fine lines also fade. It does not go down to the muscles, so deep wrinkles are not erased, but the treatment can give you smoother skin with fewer lines.

Skin Botox also helps banish breakouts since pores become smaller from the procedure. Sebum or skin oils do not form, and oils do not block pores and hair follicles.

Skin Botox will not give you the heavy feeling often related to Botox. Injections are superficial and do not affect the muscles in facial expressions.

Glass Skin Botox has immediate and fantastic results. The effects last about three to six months or about the same amount of time as a traditional Botox treatment.

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